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Location: Dongguan   Recruitment number: 2 person

Job duties:
1、Responsible for the company’s website brand and product network promotion;
2、According to the company’s overall market strategy and the characteristics of the website, to determine the website promotion objectives and promotion programmes;
3、Communicate with various departments, refine and confirm the requirements, and complete the website promotion tasks on time and with quality;
4、Planning, implementation of online promotional activities, collect promotional feedback data, and continuously improve the promotion effect;
5、Evaluate and analyse the keywords of the website, etc., to improve the website ranking, and use a variety of technical forms to enhance the popularity of the website;
6、With other websites to carry out inter-site resource exchange and other co-operation, responsible for day-to-day management and maintenance of co-operative websites;
7、Development and expansion of co-operation of the network media, put forward the improvement of the website operation of the views and needs, etc.;
8, familiar with the industry website network promotion means, proficient in micro-store, micro letter, BBS, blog and other emerging network functions, able to publicise and promote the company’s products in various types of websites.
9, on time to complete other work assigned by the leadership.

Tenure Requirements:
1、Bachelor degree or above, majoring in e-commerce, computer science, journalism, mass media, etc. Fresh graduates are preferred;
2, more than one year of Alibaba or other e-commerce platform network product promotion practical work experience, education can be appropriately relaxed;
3、Strong ability to accept and learn from new events.

Location: Dongguan     Recruitment number: 1 person

Job Description:

1、Responsible for the management of all information of the quality department, do a good job of classification, filing management;
2、Responsible for the weekly quality meeting, and do the quality meeting record work;
3、Responsible for weekly quality report statistical analysis;
4、Responsible for weekly quality exception tracking and processing progress;
5、Coordinate the work of various departments, and gradually improve the quality management system;

Tenure Requirements:

1, secondary school or high school education;
2, computer proficiency, skilled use of OFFICE software;
3, hard-working, responsible, quality control experience is preferred;

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