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Battery Management System High Power Battery Protection Module Battery Monitoring Protection Board


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Why do lithium batteries need a BMS?

Lithium batteries in a serious overcharge state there is also the risk of explosion, resulting in damage to the lithium battery pack at the same time also pose a threat to the user's life safety. Therefore, the lithium battery pack must be equipped with a set of targeted lithium battery management system BMS so that the battery pack for effective monitoring, protection, energy balance and fault alarms, and thus improve the efficiency of the entire lithium battery and service life.


Lithium batteries have poor safety, sometimes explosion and other defects. In particular, the safety of ternary lithium batteries is poor. In addition, almost all types of lithium batteries overcharge or overdischarge will cause irreversible damage to the core. Lithium batteries are also extremely sensitive to temperature: if used at too high a temperature, it may cause electrolyte decomposition, combustion or even explosion; too low a temperature will lead to significant deterioration in the performance of lithium batteries, affecting the normal use of equipment.

Due to the limitations of the battery production process, the internal resistance and capacity of each battery unit will be different. When more than one battery unit used in series, it will cause the charge and discharge rate of each cell is inconsistent, which leads to the low utilisation rate of battery capacity. In view of this, lithium batteries in the actual use of the process usually need a special protection system to monitor the health status of the battery, so as to manage the process of lithium battery use.

(2) Maintainability

Li-ion battery capacity degradation at low temperatures and the power can not be accurately predicted so that the maintainability of the device is poor. Long-term online instrumentation requires regular battery replacement, while remote monitoring equipment work sites are scattered, the distance between each site, so the replacement of battery workload is huge and costly.

In order to reduce the maintenance workload, reduce maintenance costs, the need for lithium battery BMS management system has an accurate charge state estimation function to accurately grasp the state of charge of the battery, more purposeful battery replacement work; at the same time, also need to battery management system has a lower power consumption, in order to reduce the frequency of maintenance, to prolong the service life of the battery. Therefore, for long time continuous power supply remote monitoring instrumentation, reasonable design of lithium battery BMS management system has a very important significance for the maintenance of equipment.

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PS: Simatec's protection board has the basic functions of over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, temperature, short-circuit protection, and equalisation protection.

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